Play function activates automatic operation. The robot is in standby mode and waits for user to start talking. After it detects sound, he listens and then repeats the detected sound.

Speakers On/Off

Symbol for switching speakers on or off. If you wish to mute the sound and play only with the robot, this is the applicable function.


In manual mode user can manually control all parts of the robot. You can arrange your robot in any position you choose. Parts to control are: arms, head, mouth, eyes and eyelids.

Motors On/Off

With this button you can completely turn off the servomotors and the robot. This function is convenient if you are using the device as a docking station or just as an audio station.


When pressing the function button, the display changes to function screen. There a user can set different operation modes and change sound level or microphone sensitivity.


Probably the most entertaining function. Turn on this function if you would like the robot to sing and dance on any music source you choose. The robot detects any type of sounds you play on your phone or tablet.


Personal karaoke studio. Press this button and robot transforms to your karaoke partner. Built-in microphone allows to repeat sounds and mimics the movement of your lips in real time.

Repeat voice

This function only works in Play mode. If you would like a robot to repeat after you, press this button. If you have selected only this function, the robot will only repeat in normal voice. You can also turn on High and Low voice functions and enable multiple repeats.


Stop symbol shows that function is active. By clicking on this button, the function turns off. With that, you have complete control over activated functions.

High voice

Robot repeats sounds in not just normal voice, but also in higher voice. This button transforms the repeated sound  in higher voice in Play mode for even more fun.

Low voice

Similar as High voice function, with only difference that the repeated sound in Play mode transforms into lower voice for real bear-like feeling.


Classic button for returning to the home screen enables user to quickly return to playing with his robotic bear.

Everything takes place on home screen. First you need to turn on the device (plug in the power cable). Then turn on Bluetooth function on your mobile phone or tablet and connect to Roby d'Bear. Open the app and Roby is ready to use. On home screen there are two basic functions and a menu button. You can choose between Play and Manual mode. In Play mode, the robot waits for you to start talking and then repeats after the user in normal voice. In Manual mode, the user can manually control the robot. Movable parts are both arms, head, mouth, eyes and eyelids. The robot repeats all of the transformations you make on the screen in real time. This app is a complete controller of the robot. With menu button you have access to other functions Roby d'Bear has to offer.

Home screen

Detailed instructions

The second part of brains of Roby d'Bear. All functions are nicely arranged to give user a complete control over possible operation modes. Here you can control the basic settings like speakers and motors or select advanced operation modes for even more fun. Functions such as Dance, Karaoke and Repeat change the operation mode of the Bear. There are also additional functions for setting high or low repeat voice and sliders for changing speaker volume and microphone sensitivity. Robot can be used for number of different functions to bring more fun to all types of users.

Functions screen

Kit model

Audio and docking station

Another useful function is an integrated charger for mobile phones. A user can place his phone on a charger instead of searching for the power cable. It can be used as an independent unit, without any connection to the robot. For more entertaining effects Bluetooth connection with the robot is recommended.

Docking station

Speaker function

for hands free calls

Tired of answering calls in the middle of your work?

Bluetooth connection with the device enables hands free calling. On the screen of your mobile phone simply select speaker mode and make hands free conversations without interrupting your activities. For more entertaining conversation turn on Dance function. The robot will move his mouth and you get the feeling as you were talking to him.

Easiest way to transform your boss into a funny looking bear.

Audio station with alarm

In addition to all the functions, the device can be also used just as an ordinary audio station for playing music. Powerful speakers and built-in amplifier ensure highest sound quality.

Ordinary alarms can be annoying because they wake you up in the early morning. Wouldn't it be nice if your best friend Roby d'Bear could wake you up? We have made that possible. Simply set your alarm clock and activate a Bluetooth connection with the device. When an alarm is triggered, Roby will start singing and dancing (depending on your alarm tune) and will wake you up in a friendly manner.

Available for iOS™

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Application is available for users of Apple iOS™

and Google Android™ operating systems.

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