Robotics is a relatively new branch in science and technology. New developments

are discovered practically every day. Our team consists of young technicians

and experienced specialists with years of experience in robotics and development.

The following videos show some of the most advanced findings and discoveries

in robotics, which have been developed by our advisors. Some of the projects

have been integrated in various machines and devices.

All our knowledge has been invested into Roby d'Bear and the result

is a modern product with the latest technology.


The team


dr. Ivan Godler, Jani Lunar M. Sc

Senior advisors with extensive experience in robotics, development and entrepreneurship.

Matic Krabonja

Project leader, designer

and developer. Mechanical engineering, 3D modelling

and organizing.

Klavdija Bukovec

Researcher of social studies. Highlighted the issue of socializing amongst younger generations.

Jernej Majdič

Production technologies, industrial solutions, assembly line. Transforming creative solutions to production.

Katja Krabonja

Marketing and sales analyst. Searching for new markets and opportunities. Interacting with customers.

Klemen Ložar

Graphic designer and customer support. Resolving problems

and interacting with users

and clients.

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