Roby d'Bear® - the Story

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Whitney  Houston -

Ed Sheeran -

Justin  Bieber -

Roby d'Bear®

Your connection

from virtual reality

to real life.


Mobile apps are setting new trends in today's world.

We wanted to go beyond

that and make another

step to the future.


Going beyond virtual reality we tried to develop new solutions which will present foundations for the future. Robots stand

for just that.


With return to the physical contact, the user will realize that reality can be just as funny as virtual reality. Social skills must not be forgotten, but only improved.

The Robot

Robot which repeats after user in the form

of an attractive bear. Suitable

for all genders of all

ages. You can arrange

him in any position you choose.

Manual and automatic operation

for even more fun. Total control with our brand new application for iOS™ and Android™ users.

All images and videos include

prototype and 3D versions of Roby d'Bear®.

Final versions will be available in December 2017.

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